Zoe S

My name is Zoe Scott and I’m a native English speaker from Ireland. I have bachelor’s degree in Interpreting and Translating with French and Spanish as well as a CELTA, IELTS Training, DELTA M1 and DELTA M3. As a teacher, that speaks 5 languages, I believe I’m incredibly open and communicative. Establishing trust and a channel of communication in the classroom adds more life and substance to our lessons where all student needs are met. I like to think of myself as sympathetic, and because I’d been in classes where I was far from challenged and excited, I take having fun in the classroom very seriously (paradoxical pun intended). I have extensive experience teaching both adults and children at different levels and age groups, so I come with a lot of resources, ideas, and activities that are fun, practice different sets of skills and sub-skills, and student-centered. Since I value learner autonomy and consistently promote it, I encourage my students to be open about their needs so our lessons would be as informative and efficient as possible.

I embarked on my EFL journey 4 years ago, and I decided it was the job for me. It all started in the South of Italy where I got the chance to teach both adults and children and knew I’d found my dream job. After a while, I knew I had to take my wanderlust and love for education elsewhere, so I hopped on a plane to Mexico and took my teaching a step further. In 2018, I landed a job with the British Council in Egypt, where I took my classroom experience and married it with pedagogy by doing vocational courses such as the TYLEC and DELTA M1. Aside from these courses, I did IELTS Teacher training, and Teaching English in the Early Years Classroom training. By the time I got to Spain, my thirst for knowledge was yet to be quenched, so I applied for DELTA M3 to keep myself intellectually stimulated during quarantine.

I’m curious, inquisitive, and constantly eager to experience more, learn more, and of course, teach more! Ireland was a tad too small for me, so I’ve always had the urge to travel the world. So far, I’ve taught in Mexico, Italy, Egypt, and Spain – where I currently reside. I have many creative hobbies such as reading, drawing, and photography, and a very special fascination with crime documentaries (perhaps I was a lawyer in my past life).