Robbie M

My name is Robbie and I am from Inverness in the north of Scotland. I recently graduated from Law
and Spanish at the University of Edinburgh. My first teaching experience was in Chile with Project
Trust. I worked in a high school as a volunteer in Santiago, the capital, as an English Classroom
assistant for a year. This included my own extracurricular English Workshops. I was also involved
with lesson planning, activities in classes and classroom management. It was a great first teaching
experience for me as I was really chucked in at the deep end and I quickly got to grasps with the joys
and challenges of teaching. It was also a great way for me to learn Spanish.
When I returned from Chile and started studying in Edinburgh, I got a job working with Magikats as a
Maths and English tutor. This involved working with groups of up to 6 students at a time, from the
age of 3 to 16, assisting them with Maths and English school work. This was a different challenge to
the 40+ children in Chilean classrooms, but one I also enjoyed. During this job, I learned the different
aspects of the Maths and English curriculum in Scottish schools up to Nat 5 level.
Since then I have had various private lessons as a tutor teaching English with Adults and Children in
Barcelona, as well as private Spanish lessons here in Scotland. I believe because my teaching
experiences have been so varied, I am able to adapt with ease to suit the needs of the student.