Natasha C

Hello everybody!
My name is Natacha and I come from Madrid. I am a native speaker of Spanish, plus a
certified teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. In addition, I am an examiner of
DELE A1-A2 Cervantes Institute, so I am well qualified to assist you in passing those
My experience with people of different nationalities helps me to be more competent to
teach beginners to advanced and indeed, all ages too. You all learn in a different way, so
we quickly adapt the lesson to suit the pace of each student. Nobody will be left
My main aim is to help pupils improve their Spanish skills in a fun and enjoyable way.
You would need to put in a lot of hard work, of course, but almost without being
conscious of this because you are doing and having fun at the same time.
I am a patient and empathetic person, a learner of languages myself, so fully aware of
the effort required to master a new language. You will feel comfortable and confident
improving with me.
Student feedback is very important, enhancing meaningful communication, so helping
to provide the correct teaching method, with tailor made materials along the journey.
Grammar would be taught in an enjoyable way, not the old-fashioned, boring methods
once used. My classes are structured and articulated by different topics and focus
mainly on improving oral interaction and listening comprehensions too.
My interests include learning languages, volunteering in all sorts of different ways and I
love hiking. This keeps me fit, optimistic and genuinely positive towards all aspects of
life. I am passionate about my profession and that makes all the difference. I enjoy all
things British and visited Scotland not so long ago, a beautiful country so I am moving
to Edinburgh soon.
I would be delighted to be your ideal tutor and hope to see you soon.