Matthew W

Hello everyone and it is a pleasure to meet you! My name is Matthew and I will be embarking on my PGDE course at Moray House this September, specialising in the teaching of Mandarin Chinese.

I have been fascinated with the Chinese language ever since I began learning it in secondary school, with me particularly being interested in the completely unique elements of the language in comparison to traditional romanised languages, as well as the entirely different language learning experience it brings for students in the West. I have also loved the idea of teaching and how students’ interactions with a single subject can be impacted by the actions and enthusiasm of a single person. It was my interest that eventually lead me to go into teaching.

I have spent the past two years developing my language teaching skills and building on my Chinese abilities while living abroad in China, teaching English (ESL) full-time in a variety of positions in Jiaxing, Beijing and Wuhan ranging from primary school level to college levels of education. As well as gaining an ESL qualification prior to teaching abroad, I was required to use a multitude of techniques to strengthen both the students’ English abilities and their confidence in using the language. This involved both in-person methods and remote teaching using technology.

Since returning to the UK, I have also been tutoring Chinese part-time to university students wishing to consolidate on the knowledge they had already gained from previous study using textbook materials.

When tutoring, I always wish to ease the divide between the tutor and the tutee. While learning a language can be very fun and rewarding for the learner, it can at times be incredibly challenging, especially if the target language vastly differs in grammar, structure, or script from their native tongue. I wish to create an environment where the learner can experience the language freshly while also experimenting and comprehending the language at a comfortable pace – after more than 10 years of language learning it is very likely that I will have already gone through all of the struggles that they come across!

Furthermore, I always try to find a link between different elements of a language to the learner’s own life experiences. Effective language acquisition is much more likely when the context and usage of the language point in everyday life is understood.

I am available to tutor in Mandarin Chinese (Simplified) at SQA National 4, National 5 and Higher levels.

I am also very happy to tutor students in English as a Second Language, whether it be for an official governmental certificate such as ESOL, or on a casual basis.