Liam P

I am a PhD student in astronomy/astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh with a BSc in environmental geoscience. I have 4 years experience in teaching and tutoring at university level and have run classes for primary and secondary students, public lectures, and have even taught prisoners. I tutor chemistry and biology and earth sciences at all levels. 

My research area is in astrobiology which is a field aimed at looking at life in its cosmic context and I look at the potential for life on other planets. Astrobiology is a very interdisciplinary field and I hope to show you that the science you can learn in a classroom is used to search for life on other planets!

I believe science should be exciting and that the key to success in education often comes down to confidence. Confidence in the basic concepts of a subject provides the foundations for tackling more abstract areas. We will work together to make sure that you have not only the knowledge and appropriate tools, but also the confidence to achieve your goals.