João M

Hi! My name is João Pedro Machado. I am a Brazilian Student in my fourth year at the University of Edinburgh where I course Psychology and Economics as a joint honours degree. I have qualifications at GCSE, International Baccalaureate and University level in the subjects of mathematics, psychology, and economics. As a result, I have a strong background in mathematics with a focus in Statistics. My area of expertise lies in Economics with a concentration in Econometrics. 

I am a very motivated and approachable person which is incorporated in my teaching style which is of a very easy-going nature. I encourage pupils to reach out to me with all doubts at any level of knowledge (National 5, Scottish Highers, University Level and Post-Graduate level) and I seek to adapt lessons to the needs and speeds of all pupils that I am lucky enough to be able to help. 

I look forward to meeting you if my qualifications are what you are immediately looking for. If there are any subjects or topics which I have not mentioned here that you or someone you know would like tutoring in, I am more than happy to discuss and make a personalized lesson plan to suit your needs.