Jacob S

Hello! My name is Jacob and I am recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh. I possess a Postgraduate Certificate in Acoustics and Music Technology and Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

As I have only recently left the school system myself, I have intricate knowledge of what examiners are looking for when it comes to giving good grades. If you were to choose me as a tutor, I would strive to give my tutees a deep understanding of their chosen subject. Rote learning may be sufficient to pass at school level, but understanding is required to achieve the top grades. Furthermore, a lack of understanding when entering university will seriously hinder a student’s ability to achieve at that level.

Therefore, I will strive to ensure that my tutees are not only given the ability to achieve good grades at school level, but are also set up for success at university and beyond.

I possess a passion for mathematics and physics and I adore making these subjects accessible and enjoyable to people who may not enjoy them initially. Many people don’t enjoy these subjects as they can be very abstract and hard to grasp. My focus will be to convey these subjects to students in a way that personally resonates with them.

In summary, my aim as a tutor is to provide an enjoyable educational experience that will provide students with a deep understanding and give them great success.