Ewan F

I am a recent Sociology graduate offering private tuition to students of History and Modern Studies up to the Advanced Higher level, as well as to pre-Honours Sociology Undergraduates. 

I have a First-Class Master of Arts with Honours Degree in Sociology from the University of Edinburgh. Alongside my main degree subject, I have also completed Honours-level courses in Politics, History, Anthropology, and South Asian Studies. 

My teaching is particularly focused on essay and exam techniques and improving the writing and argumentative skills of students. Much of my experience in this regard comes from my tenure as an Editor for the Leviathan Journal of Social and Political Sciences, a journal aimed at supporting young students writing about political issues.

This work involved close collaboration with individual students, maintaining a mentor-mentee dialogue, and a meticulous attention to detail when providing advice on the students’ essay writing and research skills. Several students whose work I had edited informed me that their writing skills and course grades had subsequently improved as a result.

My passion for helping young people reach their full potential when learning about complex social issues goes back to my own time in high school. Modern Studies and History were my favourite subjects, and in my last year of school I volunteered my free time as a classroom assistant to a class of pre-National 5 Modern Studies pupils. Helping these pupils to grasp multifaceted and adult issues, and to articulate their understanding through writing, gave me the inspiration to help other learners find the same passion for these subjects that I have. 

I hope to inspire this same enthusiasm for these subjects in my students, and to help them learn skills which will be invaluable in exams and beyond.