Eliane E

My name is Eliane Eid, I am freelance journalist and copywriter. I have graduated with honors from Notre Dame University-Louaize with a BA in Communication Arts. I am also involved in theatre production and academic dancing while focusing on the connection between media and art. My experience is focused on languages and their power in delivering certain messages. I have worked in a radio station, an online newspaper, a travel blog, an advertising agency, in theater production and in cinema.  I decided to focus on education because I believe that we learn every single day and everyone should get the chance to progress in life through the help of the right tutor. 

I helped many of my friends in written assignments and oral projects. I’ve also have been part of an international campaign where I was the team leader, budget controller and social media manager, in which we worked in an international environment to promote gender equality. 

Being a native Arabic speaker while holding both a French and English education, gave me the knowledge to analyze these languages and to help others learn and communicate in three different languages. 

It is important to see the differences of each culture, as through this we will be able to grow as a community. Each language, culture and text will enlighten us towards a better future and a vast knowledge that will change the world as we know it.