Cristian C

About Myself:

Bsc Physics with Theoretical Physics (First Class Honours) from Imperial College London studying towards an MSc in Theoretical Physics at the University of Edinburgh. I worked 2 years as a Junior Data Scientist for a world leading agro-tech company, Buhler UK Ltd. My hobbies are video editing, running and, more recently, animation.

My approach:

I firmly believe that students, whichever level their are at, can be brought to understand and be comfortable with mathematics and physics. The secret to achieving this is many hours of practice, and my role in achieving this goal is guidance and explanations. I enjoy immensely helping students draw the lines between what they already know and be comfortable with solving problems. The love for problem solving is what lead me into Theoretical Physics and I hope to share this excitement with you. As long as we stay on topic you can ask whatever question you have, no matter how silly you think it is (usually these are the most fun).

When tutoring I go for solving problems first and addressing theory whenever something does not make sense. If, before the session, you are not comfortable with the theory, I will cover it first and then solve problems together. However, for this to work well I would ask you to let me know before the session if you are comfortable with the theory.

At the end of each session I will leave you with exam style questions to be done before the next session. If there are problems with the Homework set, I am happy to help before the next session if you drop me a message.

Get in touch if you have any questions 🙂