Cameron C

Hello! My name is Cameron and I’m a current postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. I graduated from Edinburgh this year with a degree in French and German and I have been teaching languages since my first year of study. I received a first-class honours degree with distinction in spoken French and German and class valedictorian medals in spoken German and German medieval literature. I also achieved 92% in spoken French. For one year of my undergraduate degree, I spent time at French and German universities, taking translation and literature courses made by native speakers, for native speakers. Alongside my teaching experience, I have also worked as a translator in various sectors. I shall be carrying on my studies with a masters in German literature under a scholarship.

One of the main reasons I have always loved teaching and learning languages is communication. It has always been a passion of mine to speak with others and see different points of view. Languages facilitate that beautifully; there are countless different ways of seeing the world and it is often a cultural background that informs those perspectives. It is often only via speaking a foreign language that we can see those different thoughts and ideas. Exposure to different cultural perspectives has rounded me as a human being and I am learning even more with every conversation.
It is precisely this ability that I want to give to my students. My teaching style focuses on two areas; teaching sound linguistic skills and then applying those skills beyond the grammar books to widen my students’ perspectives. In other words, I never teach grammar and stop there. I encourage my students at all levels to then use that linguistic ability and apply it to conversations, literature, and cultural thinking to improve their critical thinking, self-reflection and, above all, confidence in their abilities.

If any of this is something that would interest you or your child, then please do not hesitate to get in touch!